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it is not often that I do creative/crafty things. I have been working on this shawl though and I'm so pleased by my progress so far.

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Fuck yeah! Is it going to be those three colors repeating all the way down?

Don't feel like writing up anything big about this piece, but I did wanna show it off bc it's so pretty and coming along quite nicely.

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New chair at works means I can crochet at work without destroying my back or ruining my peripheral vision.

So, predictably, I'm crocheting another moss stitch bag.

guess who went to the yarn store........

it's me!!!!!!!!

i'm vv excited

didn't buy the cotton candy looking ones because i don't have enough money and didn't know what i would use it for

bought that last tweed looking one because dad keeps whining asking about me making him a christmas gift

(fucked up the last time i posted it. sorry)

today, in a fit of self care, I decided to make a little crochet dice bag

it holds 3 or 4 normal sets but i'm gonna use it for my tiny dice!

My amazon purchase came in so now I won’t tangle up literally all of my yarn!!!

seriously considering starting knit commissions here on waterfall bc I’m pretty sure y’all would actually appreciate the work as opposed to people I’ve knit things for in the past. might be an interesting use of that commissions market when it gets off the ground...

hey guys look at what I made!!!!! it came off the needles today and I wove in most of the ends. blocking comes tomorrow. I’m so excited!!

its the hearts of pride cowl. the pattern was written by a friend of mine.