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it is not often that I do creative/crafty things. I have been working on this shawl though and I'm so pleased by my progress so far.

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Fuck yeah! Is it going to be those three colors repeating all the way down?

Don't feel like writing up anything big about this piece, but I did wanna show it off bc it's so pretty and coming along quite nicely.

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New chair at works means I can crochet at work without destroying my back or ruining my peripheral vision.

So, predictably, I'm crocheting another moss stitch bag.

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If there’s anything I’ve discoveredwith crochet, it’s that you’ve gotta make your own experiments and figure out for yourself what works best. Almost no one will have done what you’re doing with that stitch (or if they have, they certainly didn’t put it online).

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ah, so my single chain eggplant is valid?

guess who went to the yarn store........

it's me!!!!!!!!

i'm vv excited

didn't buy the cotton candy looking ones because i don't have enough money and didn't know what i would use it for

bought that last tweed looking one because dad keeps whining asking about me making him a christmas gift

(fucked up the last time i posted it. sorry)

do i need to make a sideblog for my knitting? i mean, my updates are so far and few between that i shouldn't--right?

today, in a fit of self care, I decided to make a little crochet dice bag

it holds 3 or 4 normal sets but i'm gonna use it for my tiny dice!

hello and welcome to stress knitting with delilah. this is the first part of my 10 stitch blanket that i've definitely fucked up but i assume once it gets bigger it'll be okay??? (she said, looking at how her life is mirroring the blanket she's knitting)

My amazon purchase came in so now I won’t tangle up literally all of my yarn!!!

positiviteagarden-deactivated-2019JulSat-190727070721-6207 asked:

Knitting makes me happy!! It's so Zen and you can make really cute things 😊

oh damn you got me i absolutely love knitting and i love being in the middle of a project. just far enough in that casting on seems like a dream from far away, and casting off isn't even a glimmer in my mind yet. i love that section because it's just easy to feel so productive.

guys look what came in the mail for me!!!!! now i can actually figure out if my gauge is right while i'm knitting!