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guess who went to the yarn store........

it's me!!!!!!!!

i'm vv excited

didn't buy the cotton candy looking ones because i don't have enough money and didn't know what i would use it for

bought that last tweed looking one because dad keeps whining asking about me making him a christmas gift

(fucked up the last time i posted it. sorry)

i wanna spin my own yarn from wool i buy from a local farmer and live in a house with a garden and then sit with Spider on the porch while they crochet and i knit sweaters for our dogs. and cats, though i feel like the dogs would be more receptive to sweater wearing.

to be true to my once strict theme, did y'all hear that ravelry banned support of 45?!?! I'm excited!

Got tangled up w/ my yarn dealer. About to start the Hearts of Pride Cowl! I've had my eye on this pattern ever since people started testing it (and I'm most definitely not good enough to pattern test). So happy to see it up on ravelry!*

*If you want to follow me on ravelry, my username is delilahgrace