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crownedwithwisteria asked:


Ethylamine: What sound do you love?

the laughter of others. real laughter--the kind where you can tell that they are just losing their shit because whatever happened was so funny

lina asked:

Ketene and oleum :)

Ketene: What is something you learned in the last week?

i will, in fact, eat sonic for lunch 3 days in a row

Oleum: If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?

oh this is going to get depressing real quick. it's a hot tie between hollywood by jukebox the ghost and autoclave by the mountain goats

witchesflower asked:

Bromine, Hexafluoroacetone, and Ketene!

Bromine: What was your favorite food when you were a child?

balsamic pork medallions

Hexafluoroacetone: What do you want to be when you grow up?

a teacher!

Ketene: What is something you learned in the last week?

tik tok lesbians find me attractive and it is the weirdest goddamn feeling in the world

mcatnip asked:

I and T!

I. Internal: What are 5 things you like about yourself?

my hair, my ability to knit, my ability to write (arguably), my ability to get along with most anybody, the fact that i'm a pretty good judge of character

T. Time: How do you spend your time these days?

i got a car recently, so i've been doing a lot of driving. i'm also looking for internships.

demoncat13 asked:

If you're doing the a-to-z asks, then how about s, w, and z?

S. Sea: Do you like the beaches or the mountains?

it depends on who i'm with. a good rule of thumb for me is "which place has fewer snakes?" and in this case that would be the beach. maybe.

W. Weird: What are three weird things that you have noticed other people do?

1) people on the road in my town don't like to turn right on red. it's legal, they just don't like to do it; 2) my mother only eats sandwiches with bbq sauce as a dipping condiment; 3) my father will only drink sugar-free crystal light lemonade

Z. Zero: What is something you don't have, but want?

a sewing machine. or the interchangeable circular needle sets that i see knitstagrammers with all the time

demoncat13 asked:


⭐ i'm an active listener on 7 cups of tea

⭐ one of my fav shirts is a pajama top from uniqlo that i wear as a normal top

⭐ i used to love thai food, and then when i was about fifteen something changed and the smell made me nauseous. to this day, i can't eat thai food bc of the smell--despite the fact that i know it's fucking delicious

crownedwithwisteria asked:


⭐ i have and always will be attracted to noah wyle (john carter from er)

⭐ i can play six instruments

⭐ i was very advanced in my ballet company when i was young, and then injured my ankle while en pointe

demoncat13 asked:


awwww, thank you!! you're lovely!! <3

katiebirdie asked:

hi :)

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get to this!! I'm vv tired and also forgetful. Anyway, here goes:

There is freedom within, there is freedom without

Some are waving it around

It's a lesson too late for the learning

When I was a child I heard voices

Sing me a song

fungus asked:

1. First ever favorite song/band/genre?


6. One of fav/special music videos?

my first ever fav song was "our song" by taylor swift. i was eight.

my fav music video is the uncut version of the youngblood chronicles. it's all 13 music videos from fall out boy's "save rock and roll." i don't tend to watch a lot of music videos these days.

An Anonymous user asked:

Fauna for the AC ask!

to be completely honest, i've never played animal crossing. so i went and looked fauna up for this ask and hooo boy anon you sure did hit the mark

she also has a bitchin coat so yes indeed i am happy with this analysis of my personality

<---look at that coat!!!

syrup asked:

🥞 🏰 & ♋️? :]

🥞-What do you usually have for breakfast?

black coffee. sometimes a poptart or a mini cliff bar if i'm feeling frisky.

🏰-If you could live in any kind of building (castle, skyscraper, etc.), what kind would you live in?

a cozy manor with a lot of fireplaces on a sprawling estate on which i could ride my horses and read outside and tend to my ENORMOUS gardens and greenhouses

♋-Zodiac? Do you have any traits matching your zodiac?

i was born on a cusp date so i'm libra/virgo. i'm definitely pretty diplomatic and can mediate pretty well (ie. libra). i'm also very critical and can tend to be practical.

bystander asked:

50 for the spotify wrapped asks?

Color in Your Cheeks by the Mountain Goatsby far one of my fav mountain goats songs, tbh. i started listening to it a lot when i was writing for nanowrimo because one of my characters was obsessed with the portrayal of immigrants in the eyes of american music. i lived vicariously through her.

Despite What You've Been Told by Two Gallantsthis one was part of a night vale weather playlist i put together and for whatever reason every time i hit shuffle it would come up. nothing super personal about this one. i just liked the way the singer's voice sounds

demoncat13 asked:

🤣 and🧣.

I would do 🧶 but that would be too obvious...

🧣do you prefer cold weather or hot?

cold. you see, you can always put more layers on--but at some point you can't take any more layers off.

🤣what's the best part about your day?


🧶yarn (hint, the answer is always yes)


naiad asked:

⭐ 🏕️

⭐-If you like space, what do you like about it?

stars!!!!!! i love stars and constellations so much. i wanna go stargazing with spider one day

🏕️-Have you ever been camping?

i was the eldest girl scout in the troop that i joined after i moved. i was very much an older sister figure and all of the girls wanted to be in a tent with me because they knew it would be more fun than being in a tent with one of the adults. it was a fun time and i love those girls so much.

sparky asked:

citrus & balsam??

balsam must be really popular because you are the third person to ask. I'm happy to answer another one if you message me.

citrus: are there any accessories you wear every day?

i wear a caffeine molecule necklace almost every day.

fungus asked:

tea tree and balsam and rosemary!

tea tree: do you often remember your dreams? if so, what did you dream about last night?

i remember my dreams sometimes. not all the time though. last night I dreamt about a life I might like to have one day--and I think I'll keep that to myself.

i already did balsam, but I'm happy to do a different one if you message me again.

rosemary: what's something good about you that even your worst enemy would have to agree with?

i make really good sandwiches.

smallest-spiderweb asked:


balsam: what does a perfect day look like to you?

i see what you're trying to do here. you ain't slick 😉

a perfect day to me would probably involve a few cups of coffee, brunch, and laying around all day on a couch or bed watching movies or knitting beside Spider. I would want some kind of mac n cheese at some point also.

witchesflower asked:

Lavender and Peppermint for the ask meme!

lavender: what always calms you down when you're stressed out?

i tend to knit, and when I cant do that I try to remember people in my life who make it lovely
peppermint: do you have a sweet tooth?

yes, unfortunately, which made moving back to America really hard

perish asked:

coriander ! c:

Coriander: What do you consider most beautiful?

that's a tough one. people feeling so at ease with themselves and so at peace that they can do anything is really beautiful. people loving others is truly beautiful. the flowers and bamboo growing outside my house is beautiful.

but what i consider most beautiful? what i consider most beautiful is the way the sun sets behind the hair of a loved one, and the light creates a little bit of a halo--and i know that anybody who stands where i am could see that loved one the way i always see them.