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sparky asked:

citrus & balsam??

balsam must be really popular because you are the third person to ask. I'm happy to answer another one if you message me. 

citrus: are there any accessories you wear every day?

i wear a caffeine molecule necklace almost every day.

fungus asked:

tea tree and balsam and rosemary!

tea tree: do you often remember your dreams? if so, what did you dream about last night?

i remember my dreams sometimes. not all the time though. last night I dreamt about a life I might like to have one day--and I think I'll keep that to myself. 

i already did balsam, but I'm happy to do a different one if you message me again.

rosemary: what's something good about you that even your worst enemy would have to agree with?

i make really good sandwiches. 

smallest-spiderweb asked:


balsam: what does a perfect day look like to you?

i see what you're trying to do here. you ain't slick πŸ˜‰

a perfect day to me would probably involve a few cups of coffee, brunch, and laying around all day on a couch or bed watching movies or knitting beside Spider. I would want some kind of mac n cheese at some point also. 

witchesflower asked:

Lavender and Peppermint for the ask meme!

lavender: what always calms you down when you're stressed out?

i tend to knit, and when I cant do that I try to remember people in my life who make it lovely
peppermint: do you have a sweet tooth?

yes, unfortunately, which made moving back to America really hard

perish asked:

coriander ! c:

Coriander: What do you consider most beautiful?

that's a tough one. people feeling so at ease with themselves and so at peace that they can do anything is really beautiful. people loving others is truly beautiful. the flowers and bamboo growing outside my house is beautiful.

but what i consider most beautiful? what i consider most beautiful is the way the sun sets behind the hair of a loved one, and the light creates a little bit of a halo--and i know that anybody who stands where i am could see that loved one the way i always see them.

wittywallflower asked:

Orange blossom and Yarrow

Orange Blossom: Favorite fruit?

an ongoing debate between cherries and pomegranate

Yarrow: What is your bad habit?

i've got a bunch of these! i pick at my cuticles and consistently put myself in the center of things. i recently stopped biting my nails though, so that's nice.

crownedwithwisteria asked:


🌡 - Do you like succulents and/or cacti? Do you have a favorite?

idk enough about succulents and cacti to know the name (that's more spider's department). my favourite is this one:

🌿 - What’s your favorite scented plant? Is it an herb? A flower? What do you like about it?

rosemary! it's associated with good memories of my childhood.

πŸ„ - What’s the feelings on mushrooms? Do you like them? Do you eat them? Would you ever try to grow your own?

love em. love to eat them. love to look at them. not sure i'd ever try to grow my own though

18. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go

france. i've always wanted to go there and in all of my travels i've never made it over to europe.

23. Dream job

high school history teacher (which is what i'll be going to school to study to be)

26. A fandom that you were once a part of but aren’t any longer

doctor who. i just don't watch it much anymore (which is mostly because i just don't have anywhere that i can watch it)

demoncat13 asked:

For the get to know: 11, 12, 15, and 16.

11. A movie you could watch over and over again

Hmmmmm I'd have to go with Love Actually. It's just the best. And also if we're talking about multi hour British extravaganzas, I'd like to submit my favourite mini-series--Pride and Prejudice (1995). Or maybe this is just about my affinity for Colin Firth.

12. Favorite book

I don't have one at the moment. I'm trying to read more books for pleasure instead of academia. I'll get back to you when I do that. In the meantime, my favourite academic article that I've read recently is Freewheelin’ scientists: citing Bob Dylan in the biomedical literature which can be found in the British Medical Journal.

15. Pie or cake

Pie! Cherry pie!

16. Favorite scent

Coffee. No doubt in my mind.

smallest-spiderweb asked:

You make me happy 

and i want to shout that i love you from the rooftops so everyone can hear

soft-nomad asked:

flower emoji for the ask meme!

did i already say coffee? i absolutely adore coffee. it's my saving grace

aurenfaie asked:

For the happy thing: I love postcards! My favorites are historical reprints, especially ones that are art pieces done of interesting places (rather than photos). I love looking at them and there's also fun in sending them, so other people can see them too.

i love receiving post cards and letters from friends. basically any kind of mail. my absolute favourite thing to do in the morning is looking in the mailbox to see if any of my friends have sent me anything.

i've also been waiting for some stuff from amazon that i ordered a few weeks ago and it's not here yet.

i need to get better at actually sending people mail. i tell people that i will and then it just never happens.

positiviteagarden-deactivated-2019JulSat-190727070721-6207 asked:

Knitting makes me happy!! It's so Zen and you can make really cute things 😊

oh damn you got me i absolutely love knitting and i love being in the middle of a project. just far enough in that casting on seems like a dream from far away, and casting off isn't even a glimmer in my mind yet. i love that section because it's just easy to feel so productive.

timeskip asked:

I like drawing! It's such a fun, relaxing hobby for me!

i love looking at colour palette generators. here's a good one

and here are two of my favourites that i've found today:

An Anonymous user asked:


  1. that zone where you just can't stop writing
  2. hydrangeas
  3. cozy sweatshirts

fungus asked:


rainy days when you can sit inside where it's warm and have a lazy movie day w/ a loved one

merbleberp asked:


large cups of black coffee in really extra mugs β˜•οΈ

An Anonymous user asked:

“And in the streets you run afree, like it's only you and me
Geeze, you're something to see”

—Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

aurenfaie asked:


“And alone in my room
I am the last of a lost civilization
And I vanish into the dark
And rise above my station
Rise above my station”

—Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapods by The Mountain Goats, written by John Darnielle

aurenfaie asked:

Dontcha know, Itasca, & Lutefisk?

Dontcha know – What is something commonly unknown/a fun fact that you wish more people knew?

i have a typewriter. her name is lilibet (Queen Elizabeth II's childhood nickname). if you ask nicely and send me things i'll type them out for you and post them on waterfall.

Itasca – Have you ever done anything that has led to an unexpected opportunity/outcome?

i once jumped into the water to save somebody at work (i'm a lifeguard) and the person didn't need saving. she was just that bad at swimming. to be fair, she was like 6. her parents tried to sue me--which didn't work out for them.

Lutefisk – What is a food you can’t stand?

spam. and anything slimy, really. i can't do textures.

monsterofwisewomen asked:

ben cleuch and irn bru from scottish ask meme :)

Ben Cleuch – what is your greatest achievement so far?

hmmm this is a hard one. probably making it this far in school.

Irn Bru – what is your favourite thing about where you live right now?

where i live it's very safe (considered one of the safest cities in the world) and also very clean and it's just really convenient to get around. the public transport system is amazing here.

An Anonymous user asked:

Black Pudding, Sgian Duibh and Shortbread?

Black Pudding – what is a gross food combination that you absolutely love?

uhhhhh i don't really think any people think my food choices are gross. maybe just the pure volume of cream cheese that i eat with tobasco?

Sgian Duibh – what will you defend to the death?

my s/o. my relationship. my right to bodily autonomy. salt&vinegar chips.

Shortbread – what is the sweetest thing someone has ever said about you?

i'd like to direct you to this. it is without a doubt the sweetest thing ever said about me.

mcatnip asked:

worm + irrigation!! 

worm - what makes you wiggle in excitement?

yarn. buying yarn. using yarn. knitting with yarn. yaaaarn.

irrigation - favourite type of cold beverage?

iced coffee.