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hey if y'all are looking for a musician to support, might i suggest evan diem? he's on tiktok and makes some suuuuper relatable content, and if you like his content, you'll like his songs. also probably vice versa.

here's his spotify. he just dropped his new album, more to read

the vibes are absolutely immaculate.

hey uhhhhhhh bears in trees makes some great music and i really like them

you should totally give them a listen

i definitely didn't make a playlist when i was heartbroken and then went back to listen to it a little while later and realized that it fuckin slapped.

i'm definitely not posting it here because wow???

if you don't like country music then don't listen. best played when shuffled.

Autoclave is a special song to me.
JD said it was inspired by a life form that could survive inside an autoclave (the thing they use to sterilize surgical instruments, not the other thing)—and that the life form actually liked it there. JD then applied that to humans and I guess what you get is pushing people away and growing to be more comfortable alone and in pain than anything else.

Anyway, it’s a good song. That’s all.