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heda -

Started today off by breathing in my coffee instead of swallowing it, so.  You know.  It's going great.

corky -

who invented feta bc i gotta kiss em very tenderly in thanks

thoughts -

u know youre up too early when the dull whole body pain and nausea hit

savethelesbians -

Me: I'm getting pretty tired, better sleep

Part of my brain that makes me anxious: :)

Me: Oh no

katiebirdie -

the universe has yet to deliver unto me a lover who will unclasp my necklaces from behind and i gotta say that’s real unsexy of it

plum -

physically i am 21 but emotionally i am 12 and in terms of bone strength i am 87

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moon -

tumblr stresses me out so much so im chilling here for awhile until i can stop panicking every time someone makes a post like "EVERYTHING SUCKS!!!! WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!" and im like h

katiebirdie -

my deepest condolences to my followers who have to deal with me reblogging a shitton of stuff all at once and flooding their dash, i'm afraid i suffer from a chronic case of "dosen't know what a queue is" disease