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demoncat13 asked:

🤣 and🧣.

I would do 🧶 but that would be too obvious...

🧣do you prefer cold weather or hot?

cold. you see, you can always put more layers on--but at some point you can't take any more layers off.

🤣what's the best part about your day?


🧶yarn (hint, the answer is always yes)


fungus asked:


sorry my dude, it's already been asked (linked here). anything else i can answer for you?

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 asked:

💙 describe the best dream you've ever had & 🍽hummus...thoughts? :^)

i did 💙 for another user and here's the post linked because i'm lazy


i love it. i absolutely love it oh my god hummus is amazing

💙 describe the best dream you've ever had

the best dream i've ever had was kind of about the perfect day. i got coffee and then went to a yarn store to get supplies for a new project. then i went to the bookstore and purchased a shitton of books and then went home and sat by the fire knitting and watching the crown.

witchesflower asked:

☕️ favourite drink? 🎹can you play an instrument? if so, what instrument?

☕️ fav drink

recently ive been drinking a lot of coffee and chai spice tea. though my FAVOURITE drink right now is a dirty chai latte with 2 extra shots of espresso (made by my favourite barista, isaac--who is also kind of my favourite person right now)

🎹can you play an instrument? if so, what instrument?

i can play flute, guitar, and the piano. fun fact: piano is one of the classes i took to fill my schedule this year because i don't have a car and have to stay here all day