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wittywallflower -

random asks for the lonesome

jk im not too lonsesome. just bored. 

☕️ favourite drink?

💙 describe the best dream you've ever had

♦️have you ever considered dating somebody for strategy, instead of love?

🥤have you had any water today?

🍟have you eaten today?

🌳best date you've ever had?

👻worst fear?


💕are you yearning? if so, for whom? and why?

🤬favourite swear word?

🙁what makes you saddest right now?

🧶yarn (hint, the answer is always yes)

🧣do you prefer cold weather or hot?

🎹can you play an instrument? if so, what instrument?

🤨what do these questions have in common with each other and why are they the ones we're asking?

🤣what's the best part about your day?



ask game

ok-computer -

(post taken from cruxius on tumblr)

Without looking at my bio, guess these things about me based on how you percieve me:



-zodiac sign

-romantic status

-favorite genre of music


-introverted or extroverted

-favorite season

(you don't have to do all of them!)

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aurenfaie -

(New ask meme for the masses that doesn't require me to write something long!)