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i desire to not be lonely please and thank you

the new all time low song really out here making me feel like i'm in middle school, huh?

ya girl drove to school today and killed exactly nobody, y'all. im on the road to taking the license test in early february (and i get insurance today!)

flynn carsen's type of women (much like mine) is badass

im on hold with a potential employer and starting to wonder if my ability to keep cool while on hold is a factor that they're testing for right now......

i am sad and two things are in my brain in my (possibly futile) attempt to cheer myself up

  1. a full out librarian and the quest for the spear musical

  2. ben and leslie from parks and rec

alex brightman and renee elise goldsberry doing cocaine at a holiday party is the exact brand of anxiety™ that i am feeling right now

coffeeandyarn -

im! sad!

HOWEVER: im getting my learners permit tomorrow though (YEARS UPON YEARS after most people in this state get their permit. that's what living overseas from arkansas gets ya)

coffeeandyarn -

ya girl is legal to drive w/ a 21 yr old in the front seat

uninsured, yes

but now i can drive places

im! sad!

HOWEVER: im getting my learners permit tomorrow though (YEARS UPON YEARS after most people in this state get their permit. that's what living overseas from arkansas gets ya)

thoughts -

we needed this rain :)

coffeeandyarn -

i just looked out the window and it's raining so let me tell you that post freaked me the fuck out

I had to be on campus to sign some paperwork so I came vv christmassy. Expect pictures later.

my professor, upon hearing that i wrote an article that included a statistical analysis on the educational experiences of the democratic candidates instead of studying for a final for her class, told me that i was not normal in the best way

i'm writing a medium post about the ages and educational experiences about the top ten democratic candidates. might post it here if i'm feeling frisky.

things that happened to me today:

when i was in line for coffee and a bagel this super shy girl in line behind me whom i've never met complimented my scarf and then when i turned to thank her she literally swooned--like a long, soft intake of breath--because "oh wow your eyes are so pretty"

idk how to feel about this

my favourite part of piano class is how all of the students pretend to practice piano but secretly they're on their phones and when they go tot edt they do poorly

i also tend to be on my phone during piano, but when I go to test I do well because I FUCKING PRACTICE

father: you should eat those tacos with a fork. it's gonna be messy

me: *contorts my hands in to shapes that god did not mean for humans to have in order to continue eating the tacos with my hands*

i just had a huge realization about my life. if you don't watch community this will make no sense.

there's this guy (he's like 28ish maybe?) that i've been in a couple of classes with--namely intro to business and business law--and i'll be taking another class with him next semester (legal systems and terminology). he sees me as this overachieving child who takes college classes to "get out of the house" (and there's a bit of truth to that, tbh).

we've got a good peer relationship but today it hit me--he sees me as the Annie Edison to his Jeff Winger. Sure he isn't quite as full of himself as Jeff, but like, it's there.

anyway, that's all i have to say. he wanted me to take intro to supervision (like industry standard stuff for foremen and such) but that's during the day and i'm still taking a full course load at my own school so that can't really happen.

syrup asked:

🥞 🏰 & ♋️? :]

🥞-What do you usually have for breakfast?

black coffee. sometimes a poptart or a mini cliff bar if i'm feeling frisky.

🏰-If you could live in any kind of building (castle, skyscraper, etc.), what kind would you live in?

a cozy manor with a lot of fireplaces on a sprawling estate on which i could ride my horses and read outside and tend to my ENORMOUS gardens and greenhouses

♋-Zodiac? Do you have any traits matching your zodiac?

i was born on a cusp date so i'm libra/virgo. i'm definitely pretty diplomatic and can mediate pretty well (ie. libra). i'm also very critical and can tend to be practical.

bystander asked:

50 for the spotify wrapped asks?

Color in Your Cheeks by the Mountain Goatsby far one of my fav mountain goats songs, tbh. i started listening to it a lot when i was writing for nanowrimo because one of my characters was obsessed with the portrayal of immigrants in the eyes of american music. i lived vicariously through her.

Despite What You've Been Told by Two Gallantsthis one was part of a night vale weather playlist i put together and for whatever reason every time i hit shuffle it would come up. nothing super personal about this one. i just liked the way the singer's voice sounds

demoncat13 asked:

🤣 and🧣.

I would do 🧶 but that would be too obvious...

🧣do you prefer cold weather or hot?

cold. you see, you can always put more layers on--but at some point you can't take any more layers off.

🤣what's the best part about your day?


🧶yarn (hint, the answer is always yes)


naiad asked:

⭐ 🏕️

⭐-If you like space, what do you like about it?

stars!!!!!! i love stars and constellations so much. i wanna go stargazing with spider one day

🏕️-Have you ever been camping?

i was the eldest girl scout in the troop that i joined after i moved. i was very much an older sister figure and all of the girls wanted to be in a tent with me because they knew it would be more fun than being in a tent with one of the adults. it was a fun time and i love those girls so much.

please be nice to people crying in airports

I don't want to go back to Arkansas. I want to stay in Colorado where things work and people are nice and there's good Japanese food and people walk everywhere and there's a college that I want to go to but most likely won't be able to attend because I don't have the money. And the idea of trying to convince my father of helping me to pay makes me want to just take out all of the student loans I can and pay for it myself.

but most of all, I don't want to go home because through coming here I realized how instead of thriving in my current life, I'm just getting by. I don't eat right, I'm tired, I'm sad---ALL the fucking time.

I don't have friends and I can't focus on my school work and I'm left sitting in a corner of the Denver airport crying at the thought of going back to my every day life because of how good it COULD be