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naiad asked:

⭐ 🏕️

⭐-If you like space, what do you like about it?

stars!!!!!! i love stars and constellations so much. i wanna go stargazing with spider one day

🏕️-Have you ever been camping?

i was the eldest girl scout in the troop that i joined after i moved. i was very much an older sister figure and all of the girls wanted to be in a tent with me because they knew it would be more fun than being in a tent with one of the adults. it was a fun time and i love those girls so much.

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naiad -

It's so great when you look at someone and you just get that rush of love that makes your heart go faster and you feel all warm

Cabochon almandine garnet set in a gold ring in the form of a turret or castle


emlynlua -

me and my sister (the toddler comedian) were looking at pictures of cats on google images and she was giving them names which included:

  • da

  • ch

  • cute

  • *snort sound*

  • beaker

  • beakers

  • beega

  • blaga

  • beaker [electric boogaloo]

  • gala

  • big cat

greatkingrat -

I'm not crying you're crying.

i-have-no-gender-only-rage -

the other day, my girlfriend asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidentally passed her a glue stick she still isn't talking to me

coffeeandyarn -

how do i know that @smallest-spiderweb should be asleep, you may ask?

because i can't fucking change the time on my fucking laptop

smallest-spiderweb -

It's only 11 babe

coffeeandyarn -

don't "it's only 11 babe" me! sleep is important and i know that you don't really ever get enough.

how do i know that @smallest-spiderweb should be asleep, you may ask?

because i can't fucking change the time on my fucking laptop

me (is in chicago and knows that spider should be asleep and honest to god wants to let him sleep but also wants to talk): babe babe babe!!!!!!

spider (is halfway around the world and should be asleep): ?

me: i'm about to get a tripleshot energy drink from starbucks!!!

spider (or what i assume spider does when i say shit like this): *starts wheezing just a little bit because delilah is a bitch who won't take care of herself even when she's directed to by authority figures and/or people who love her*

don’t mind me just leaving a message for @smallest-spiderweb for when he wakes up

i love you babe!! have a good day today and go drink some water ❤️

i am incredibly fond of @smallest-spiderweb

just wanted to get that out there

my hair is so big. i recently got a haircut and forgot how big it would get after sleeping on it. Spider would love it. me? not so much.

smallest-spiderweb -

i'm interested in starting some food disk horse. the best popcorn topping is garlic salt and cinnamon.

coffeeandyarn -

parmesan. end of story.

greatkingrat -

I saw a gay couple today and they were in front of me as I was leaving they train station and the kissed on the escalator and I almost cried. Twas a good time.

sometimes the best part of your day is 0:12 talking to your s/o about how your house is decorated in your dreams

smallest-spiderweb -

I’m dreaming of the day that I can bring Delilah bouquets and take her out on a regular basis

coffeeandyarn -

flowers AND a deep web hitman? babe stop you’ll make me blush 🥰

today on weird things delilah pulled out of her purse when cleaning out her room before the movers come:

a fork that i was bullied into stealing from a banquet. it's gold. i'm not joking.

i wanna spin my own yarn from wool i buy from a local farmer and live in a house with a garden and then sit with Spider on the porch while they crochet and i knit sweaters for our dogs. and cats, though i feel like the dogs would be more receptive to sweater wearing.

smallest-spiderweb -

Why are people repouring my face

coffeeandyarn -

because--like i've been trying to tell you for 3 years now--you have a nice face

i am secretly very excited that people are excited about my s/o's selfies because i get really excited about my s/o's selfies and more people should get excited about selfies.

also waterfall has a disproportionate number of beautiful people.

Me when I see any kind of photo of Spider: oh god oh wow ohhhhhh my gosh wow i can't believe i get to date them this is just the best and i love them sooooo much and i just wow i'm so gay and gone and *wow*