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corky asked:

💙 describe the best dream you've ever had & 🍽hummus...thoughts? :^)

i did 💙 for another user and here's the post linked because i'm lazy


i love it. i absolutely love it oh my god hummus is amazing


corky asked:

tonkinese n turkish van :^)

thank you for this gift. i'll be sure to treasure it.

in return, i offer you my second born child.

corky asked:

6 & 11? :^)

6. Do you consider yourself out (however you choose to interpret that)?

I consider myself out to close friends and family. THat said, I'm moving back to the deep south, so I probably won't consider myself out in a couple of months.

11. Are (most of) your friends LGBT+ as well?

The grand majority of them, yes. Now that I think about it, I don't think I have any straight friends.