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naiad asked:

⭐ 🏕️

⭐-If you like space, what do you like about it?

stars!!!!!! i love stars and constellations so much. i wanna go stargazing with spider one day

🏕️-Have you ever been camping?

i was the eldest girl scout in the troop that i joined after i moved. i was very much an older sister figure and all of the girls wanted to be in a tent with me because they knew it would be more fun than being in a tent with one of the adults. it was a fun time and i love those girls so much.

random asks for the lonesome

jk im not too lonsesome. just bored. 

☕️ favourite drink?

💙 describe the best dream you've ever had

♦️have you ever considered dating somebody for strategy, instead of love?

🥤have you had any water today?

🍟have you eaten today?

🌳best date you've ever had?

👻worst fear?


💕are you yearning? if so, for whom? and why?

🤬favourite swear word?

🙁what makes you saddest right now?

🧶yarn (hint, the answer is always yes)

🧣do you prefer cold weather or hot?

🎹can you play an instrument? if so, what instrument?

🤨what do these questions have in common with each other and why are they the ones we're asking?

🤣what's the best part about your day?



are these the questions from the ask/tag game that was cursed? alright then here are some personal details!!

thanks for the tag @katiebirdie !

(i accidentally added these onto a reblog and figured that would break the post sooner or later so i reposted it on a separate post)

1.) Do you wear shoes indoors?

that's a cultural sin where i grew up, so no absolutely not.

2.) How often do you shower?

4~5 times a week. the duration depends on my emotional status.

3.) Do you kill bugs?

depends on the bug. if it's a little spider or a daddy long legs i'll typically leave it. if it's a cockroach or anything that might hurt me i'll kill it.

4.) What are you answers to Fuck Marry Kill with Shrek, Sonic, and Squidward?

fuck sonic, marry shrek because he's proved that he can provide for his wife, and kill squidward.

5.) Have you ever finished a whole pizza in one sitting?

yes. i felt awful afterward. it was a pepperoni pizza.

6. Do you play video games or just watch let’s plays?

i play sims 4. the rest are let's plays because i'm broke and can't afford any games.

7.) Do you believe in cliché superstitions like stepping on a crack?

i'm a theatre kid of course i'm superstitious.

8.) Do you remember people’s eyes colors?

not always. most of the time i do though.

9.) Do you ever use cutesy-type like nya~ or uwu unironically?

absolutely not.

10.) What is your answer to the “would you fuck your clone” quiz?

"I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong."

11.) Do you know all the words to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” song?

i don't think so. i know the chorus and maybe the first verse.

12.) What’s a rlly popular franchise/fandom that you know nothing about?

most of them. My Hero Academia, Hetalia, and Stargate

13.) Do you shave your legs?

only when i'm wearing a skirt or a dress on a date.

14.) Do you let dogs/cats kiss your mouth?

not usually on purpose

15.) What is your weapon of choice? (Assuming you can wield anything.)

i would like to claim a lucy style dagger and cordial from Narnia. i am not a fighter.



i'm going to tag @smallest-spiderweb and @corky (assumin corky hasn't already been tagged) on this.