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Otter Quick Study

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IT IS BI VISIBILITY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



that is all :)

Pictures I've been meaning to post

First two pictures are of the Horseshoe lace. I had to use the yarn bowl to get the lace stretched so I could take the picture.

The third picture is Ceres Lace current length well I did four more rows after the picture was taken...

The fourth picture is simply a close up of the accidental lace panels.

The current last picture is of Jupiter's current length. I'll be finishing up with the buttonhole section by Sunday. I'll edit with the finished/pre-blocking picture once I have.

I'll also post the picture of the birthday scarf once it's been washed/dried.


maus -
Artwork by me


I'll liven this place up with a recent personal piece I did of my mascot/namesake Maus, with some sushi!


Delicate - Digital Oil Painting

Rose looks like she'd be willing to have those hands be "delicate" all over her, LOL!

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So, I've been bad at remembering to do this... and finally got a connector cable

In my defense, I fell sick on Monday evening and have been more focused on getting better. Being sick sucks yeggs.

So I said I'd post pictures of the Jupiter cowl wip... here ya go. Two pictures to show length plus vertical cable and one to show the horizontal pattern. I'm currently deep in the next pink section right now.

Plus some pictures of my new yarn that's going to be a bag once I get the second shipment of that yarn in. The amount given in the kit was Not Enough, the bag would be far too small for my tastes.


today, in a fit of self care, I decided to make a little crochet dice bag 

it holds 3 or 4 normal sets but i'm gonna use it for my tiny dice!

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People are screaming in my house. It’s 11:24 am and not scheduled to stop anytime soon. 

Pls send animal pictures

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i will most definitely behold!!! his cuteness!!!

Finally was able to finish this! I was gonna post WIPs but I didn’t wanna spoil the surprise, just in case. 

Its a late apartment warming gift for two of my best friends~

Pattern is courtesy of Shitpostsampler on tumblr. Had to change up the colors to match the floss I had.

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im very late but i just started listening to welcome to nightvale love carlos ?



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my newest yarn purchase! i have a problem

the color is called "seabreeze" and i got it at the farmer's market today. i think i'm going to make a hat, or a lacy scarf. it's only 250y so it'll need to be small

the stand i bought it from had a small child who showed me some very cute magic tricks

it is done!!

unfortunately the very end ended up...wonky, not sure how i managed that (probably because of how tired i am x^x)

honestly though, not bad for my first scarf (and second ever project!)

i am very excited to do something new, though, i have a feeling i wont be making many scarves