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goropancakechi -

Who else sees cute things and just thinks "Yes. Good. I like this."

my spindle finally arrived!!!

this yarn is as uneven and lumpy as heck but I love it because aaaa this is so fun?? time to go look up a bunch of drop spindle spinning tips now, I guess!!

greatkingrat -




IT IS BI VISIBILITY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that is all :)

Delicate - Digital Oil Painting

Rose looks like she'd be willing to have those hands be "delicate" all over her, LOL!

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today, in a fit of self care, I decided to make a little crochet dice bag

it holds 3 or 4 normal sets but i'm gonna use it for my tiny dice!

Finally was able to finish this! I was gonna post WIPs but I didn’t wanna spoil the surprise, just in case.

Its a late apartment warming gift for two of my best friends~

Pattern is courtesy of Shitpostsampler on tumblr. Had to change up the colors to match the floss I had.

it is done!!

unfortunately the very end ended up...wonky, not sure how i managed that (probably because of how tired i am x^x)

honestly though, not bad for my first scarf (and second ever project!)

i am very excited to do something new, though, i have a feeling i wont be making many scarves