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so this was a super hard pill for me to swallow, to others maybe not so much but

by beating yourself up you're not actually doing anyone any good

doesn't mean that you should beat yourself up for beating yourself up tho! it's that

the entire direction is wrong

unless you have any compassion to yourself, the amount of pain in the world is only going up up up

this is just how it works, you just generally don't ease up someone else's pain by inflicting more pain on yourself, even if you are more than willing to do it, it's just like

destructive emotions can work as a fuel. to destroy walls. misunderstandings. hardships.

but by destroying yourself you're destroying the wrong thing here, buddy.

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@natblida buddha knows what's up!!! this is so true

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There's a quote I really like by Buddha that says, "If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete." Constantly trying to remember to show myself the same level of understanding and kindness that I'm usually willing to show other people.

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