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dear mom and dad,

just because you're angry at two people in my life who don't conform to the gender binary that you hold as gospel doesn't mean that you can use the wrong pronouns for either of them.

please. this is exhausting.

just use names or don't talk about either of them. i have far more pressing things to deal with than your understanding of who i choose to love and what the people i choose to love choose as his/her/their pronouns. this isn't a new issue. i have dated people who have used an array of pronouns--you were fine using she and you were fine using they but for whatever reason two separate people at different points in my life choose to use he and that's where you draw the line?? really?? i haven't even dated one of them and you have a weird pre-conceived vendetta against a person who has been nothing but kind to me during the move to america.

i'm just gonna stop talking to y'all about my love life and that is that.

much love and i'll be out of your house soon,


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