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i've always been strangely enamored with the title of that gentle piece from the undertale ost--it's raining somewhere else. i've learned to play it on guitar, piano, 6-hole ocarina, and recorder. i'm not sure that it's so much the song itself as it is the way the song meshes with the title.

when i listen to it, it really is raining somewhere else--even if it's raining where i am. it even makes sense on an emotional level. no matter how much rain (troubles, depression, anxiety, etc) is coming down on me, it's raining somewhere else, on other people too.

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i love every song on the undertale ost but especially the ones near the end of the game like its raining somewhere else ❤️ its amazingly calming to listen to at a higher volume bc u can hear the rly subtle rain track and it sounds just like its actually raining outside ^^

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its a lovely song to have a healing cry to u_u i hope the storm dies down soon 💕💖✊

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