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im so fucken ready to live deliciously

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Further Unicorn Progress

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I finished the body and the ears today and am currently stitching it together. 

I'll reblog with the pictures later today or tomorrow, there are a lot of pictures because I've been taking them after each piece has been stitched on.

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COMPLETE!!! Now for pictures and bonus Mick Aston from Time Team! I was watching Time Team while sewing...

The head(with ears) and body ^

The horn attached plus the body again ^

The mane attached ^

Neck attached plus legs ^

Tail attached ^ As a side note, it would have been better if I had attached the legs first...

Front legs ^

All legs attached ^

Right side ^

Left side ^

Soon to be whole ^

Nearly-Headless Unicorn! ...I couldn't resist ^

Front view ^

Right side view. Hi, Mick ^

Left side view. Hi, again Mick! ^

Back view ^

And a bonus picture of the scissors used for snipping ends. Appropriate, no?

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i want to lay in a field of flowers and take a long nap

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what's the vibe y'all 

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ppl apparently pay attention??? most of their waking hrs???? bro how do u not get tired

considering just not going to class today tbh

somebody called me gorgeous today and it felt really weird

like i know i'm supposed to be flattered or whatever, but i'm??? not??? pretty--god forbid--gorgeous??? really at all???

i can tell that this guy has been trying to get up the courage to tell me that he likes me or ask me out on a date or whatever and OF COURSE my answer will be no but like this little bastard is going out of his way to compliment me and i really don't know how to take it. i guess i'm just gonna take it for now and wait and see

i definitely didn't make a playlist when i was heartbroken and then went back to listen to it a little while later and realized that it fuckin slapped.


i'm definitely not posting it here because wow???


if you don't like country music then don't listen. best played when shuffled.

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Vanessa Lubach (British, based Norwich, Norfolk, England) - Hector Linocut

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legend has it i come by every tuesdirt

tfw the radio switches to the Classic Rock station and

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I regret nothing

Every time I get in an Uber I prepare to die. That's just how it is getting in a stranger's car out of absolute necessity

I forgot how just how much prolonged deprivation of touch hurt me until somebody gave me a hug the other day and I nearly cried so there's that

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I get to teach the little ones today. Wish me luck

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I taught the little ones today. I received many hugs

I get to teach the little ones today. Wish me luck

matchy matchy... how gay of me

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Fun fact: The last time all living humans were together on Earth was 2nd November 2000

Since then, there's always been at least one person aboard the International Space Station

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Man, Thell, I thought you meant like, in the same place on Earth, and lemme tell you, as a person who was alive at that time, it was wild to read this post.

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being me is just like:

*thinks about butches*

*thinks about being topped*


*sad yeehaw*

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being me is just:

*thinks about women*

*thinks about topping a girl*


*sad yeehaw*

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being me is: 

*thinks about nonbinary people*

*thinks about being topped or topping*

*yearns, sipping hot chocolate*

*sad yeehaw*

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in conclusion:

dear mom and dad,

just because you're angry at two people in my life who don't conform to the gender binary that you hold as gospel doesn't mean that you can use the wrong pronouns for either of them.

please. this is exhausting.

just use names or don't talk about either of them. i have far more pressing things to deal with than your understanding of who i choose to love and what the people i choose to love choose as his/her/their pronouns. this isn't a new issue. i have dated people who have used an array of pronouns--you were fine using she and you were fine using they but for whatever reason two separate people at different points in my life choose to use he and that's where you draw the line?? really?? i haven't even dated one of them and you have a weird pre-conceived vendetta against a person who has been nothing but kind to me during the move to america.

i'm just gonna stop talking to y'all about my love life and that is that.

much love and i'll be out of your house soon,


i've always been strangely enamored with the title of that gentle piece from the undertale ost--it's raining somewhere else. i've learned to play it on guitar, piano, 6-hole ocarina, and recorder. i'm not sure that it's so much the song itself as it is the way the song meshes with the title.

when i listen to it, it really is raining somewhere else--even if it's raining where i am. it even makes sense on an emotional level. no matter how much rain (troubles, depression, anxiety, etc) is coming down on me, it's raining somewhere else, on other people too.

I don't think I can be here anymore

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ive decided that what's really important is soft blankets, good food, and gays